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Kuih Melayu asli memang tidak lapuk dek hujan dan tidak lekang dek panas. Resepi berzaman mempunyai tarikanya tersendiri dan sepatutnya tidak dibenarkan pupus begitu sahaja. Ianya harus dihidupkan semula dengan membuatnya mengikut cara orang-orang dahulu, setakat mana yang boleh kita ikuti. Kalau dahulunya nenek moyang kita mengunakan arang dan bara dari sabut kelapa sekarang ini kita sudah ada ketuhar (oven), microwave dan electric frier.

Mungkin cara memasaknya berubah mengikut keadaan semasa tetapi resepi, bentuk, penyediaan kuih berzaman ini tidak berubah. Generasi muda seharusnya diberitahu resepi asal kuih muih orang-orang Melayu kita supaya ianya tidak tenggelam dimamah zaman yang tidak kurang dengan kecanggihan kuih-muihnya.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

At Last We Are Opening A Malay Cakes Eateries

That's right we are opening a traditional Malay cake cum eateries/restaurant soon at Giant, Kota Damansara, Ground Floor Shop No. G19. We shall be serving some of the best local dishes from Southern Malaysia (betul-betul Johor) and authentic Laksa Kedah with garnishing besides using the regular ones we shall also be adding bunga kantan and daun pucuk gajus. The opening date is on 07/11/11 a day after Hari Raya Haji.

We will be serving something old and something exotically NEW. Something that is now easily available in the market. If you want to know more or taste if for that matter, make a beeline to our eateries, it will be quite an experience. It may not be the best but it is definitely the best that we can provide. Simply put our motto is " We serve you what we eat at home". We do not compromise on ingredients, quality, cleanliness and above all everything is HALAL.

From time to time we will be adding more dishes which will be part of our regular menu but at the same time we shall be serving some impromptu snacks. That is something interesting to watch out for.

So, the next time you happen to be at Kota Damansara after our opening drop by for a drink, sit down chit chat and get something to eat. Simple but meaningful dishes.

Wall just painted from green to orange, to brighten up the area and gives it a bit of warmth

Counter and kitchen area with dining space by the side

Messy and everything cleaned thoroughly

Food preparation area

After cleaning and washing

Rice cookers for the various types of dishes

Under wraps while the ceiling is painted

Counter for preparing drinks

Area for condiments and the likes

Storage space for mops, brooms

Add cDining area that opens out to the car park. That's my vintage BMW E30 1984 Model right at the end there......:-)aption

Ceiling painted

Entrance to the kitchen

Not forgetting the insect trap

Makan pakai tangan kena ada tempat basuh tangan kan

External view...Amy have to come up with the stickers design

Outside looking in....masih messy lagi but not for long

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  1. I dropped by your outlet to buy some kuih last week (last week of Nov) but was left unimpressed by the unfriendly cashier's attitude. She did not look at me in the eye let alone thank me, she just grabbed the cash and handed over change. I felt like an 'intruder' standing by trying to read off your menu board behind the cashier. If the service was friendlier (or chatty) i would'nt think twice of dropping by to try your new set lunches.