Kuih Muih Melayu

Kuih Melayu asli memang tidak lapuk dek hujan dan tidak lekang dek panas. Resepi berzaman mempunyai tarikanya tersendiri dan sepatutnya tidak dibenarkan pupus begitu sahaja. Ianya harus dihidupkan semula dengan membuatnya mengikut cara orang-orang dahulu, setakat mana yang boleh kita ikuti. Kalau dahulunya nenek moyang kita mengunakan arang dan bara dari sabut kelapa sekarang ini kita sudah ada ketuhar (oven), microwave dan electric frier.

Mungkin cara memasaknya berubah mengikut keadaan semasa tetapi resepi, bentuk, penyediaan kuih berzaman ini tidak berubah. Generasi muda seharusnya diberitahu resepi asal kuih muih orang-orang Melayu kita supaya ianya tidak tenggelam dimamah zaman yang tidak kurang dengan kecanggihan kuih-muihnya.

KweMwe Enterprise mengekalkan resepi berzaman dan pada sesiapa yang ingin mencuba hubungilah kami.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Mistake And I Paid For It

It was my mistake and I paid for it. Puan Ros ordered 200 pcs of Puteri Dua Sebilik a week ago after doing a search on the net for the kuih. She called and after I had briefed her on the make of the kuih she confirmed that was exactly what she had been looking for. She wanted it for Saturday evening 29th July to be delivered to her office in Klang before 5.00pm. I noted the order by sending her a confirmation sms to her mobile. Everything was fine and dandy, simple enough, so it seemed. Cometh 29th July I totally forgot about her order and at about 4.00pm she called and asked if I am making a delivery. OMG what am I going to tell her. I could make an excuse but I knew it was not the right thing to do. I told her I forgot about her order and apologised frantically. She wanted the kuih for the 30th July for a kenduri to be held by 12.30pm.

So what to do....ayam mematuk itik menyudu! "Oklah Puan Ros I'll deliver the kuih to your house on 30th July before your kenduri" was my way of making good on my promise to honour her order. And you know what! She is staying in Morib. Up early, had breakfast quickly, off to collect the kuih and rush to Morib a good one and a three quarter hours drive from my place. Although it was raining this morning I managed to reach Morib well before her kenduri dateline, Her husband collected it from me, again conveyed my apology and before driving home I stopped over at the Morib beach just to relax a bit from the hectic rush. Nice place now Morib. The beach have been spruced up, the onshore facilities and infractures seemed good and still new but since it was early and it was drizzling there was not much of a crowd. A couple of monkeys was chasing down a crab at the beach. They have a funny of avoiding those claws during the hunt. They gave the crab a swipe to get it off balance and get it tumbling a few times repeat it again and again and when the crab is sufficiently disoriented, grabbed it, gave it a quick bite and ...walla its breakfast fresh from the sea. Oooohh! Wish I had my camera with me. Next time maybe. On the way home from Morib I counted of not less than 28 traffic lights that I had to pass through before reaching Simpang Lima in Klang. That is a lot of traffic lights. I was too busy concentrating on making sure I did not miss a turn while driving up to Morib but by my reckoning one will have to pass through a least 30 to 31 traffic lights on the way to Morib. Now...try and beat that....hahahah!

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